As the President of a major multinational company, Moris Beracha must assume a leadership role within the Board of Directors. Many individuals, Beracha explains, do not understand the basics of leadership and think that the term refers more to giving orders than anything else. 

On the contrary, the best leaders understand the importance of teamwork and defer to experts in a given area whenever possible. Utilizing the team makes all members feel invested in the final product. 

Leadership also means having a good sense of judgment and understanding in order to read the level of morale among employees. Happy workers, as many know, are efficient workers. To that extent, good leaders demonstrate a great deal of humility and recognize on a regular basis the contributions that team members have made to the overall project. When the leader takes all the credit, employees will become disenchanted with the project. The best leaders also have the courage necessary to take risks but also possess the self-control for knowing when to abandon a risk and cut losses.

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